Focus on Now

See what’s essential today and get reminded at the right times

Plan for the Future

See your schedule and carve out time for your tasks and goals

Reflect on the Past

See what you've accomplished and look back on your journey

Productivity With a Self Improvement Spin

Goalden Hour is the first productivity app that connects the realms of task management, scheduling, and self-improvement to encourage you to make goals & habits an integral part of your planning process. We provide meaningful insight into the different areas of life and nudge you to reflect often, build better habits, and discover new ways to grow and improve.


Stay focused on what's on deck for the day and consider what you can pull in from 'Soon'


Go back to any day and see what you missed or take a look at what's scheduled in the future
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Status and schedule the habits and behaviors you're trying to build and reinforce


See how you're doing across different areas of life and get inspired to try new things
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